A Guide to Peaceful Gaming

Octodad from GameflyMany people thing of gamers as young, geeky males living in their parents' basement. While this stereotype may be accurate for some people, the fact is that gamers come from many different backgrounds and all walks of life. According to some statistics, women gamers now outnumber male gamers, which is another surprising fact you may not have been aware of.

Although many people like to play the aggressive, violent, first-person shooter type of game, there are also quite a few of us who prefer more laid back, peaceful games. Here are some games in that category that you might want to consider.

1. Shelter
If you like animals, this game might be right up your alley. You play a badger mom that needs to guide her cubs through a journey. All the while, you must make sure your cubs are fed and also fend off any dangers that comes your way. The main theme of the game is survival.

2. Octodad: Dadliest Catch
I won't like to you, this game is a bit odd, but enjoyable nonetheless. In the game, you play a dad who is actually an octopus. Your family does not know you are really an octopus. During the game, you must complete everyday chores that would normally be easy, but is complicated by the fact that you are an octopus hiding their true identity.

3. Papo & Yo
The protagonist of the game escapes from an abusive past and becomes friends with a monster and a robot. Your goal is to solve a series of puzzles which will help save your friend from self-destruction.

If you have not played these types of games before, they may take some getting used to. I recommend getting a free Gamefly subscription and renting the games first before buying them. I personally don't like buying a game unless I'm sure it's something I will be playing for years to come. Gamefly is the perfect way for me to test out games I'm unsure of. While the service isn't 100% free, you can get 30 days of the service for free using the Gamefly free trial.

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